Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sawadee Hatyai Part 1

We spent one night at Hatyai. Erm okay me failed blogger again because I want to recommend you a good hotel but I couldn't remember the name and none of the hotel photos was taken T.T We checked in into the new renovate hotel without booking/reservation, it was about rm50 for a SPACIOUS double bed room. I only can remember how to go haha it is walking distance nearby the 7 eleven & the Lee Garden. Please forgive me T.T

So we rent a tuk tuk to go to the must-visit-places such as Hatyai Municipal Park, floating market and night market. The tuk tuk always offer a higher price to take the visitors, but still they are kind enough to negotiate for the price that you think is reasonable. So please do bargain! Not to say exploit their kindness, but just don't pay above the reasonable price. 

#1 US in the tuk tuk =D

#2 The way they refill their petrol! Quite similar to Bali huh.


#4 The municipal park - Standing Buddha Statue.


 #6 Municipal park- under the Standing Budhha statue - The wax of  respected Buddhist Monk. 

#7 Municipal park- Four face Buddha (Sorry I was taking pic with the elephants & din manage to capture full scenery >< )

#8 Municipal park - Happy Buddha

#9 Municipal Park - 3 Headed Elephant 

#10 Ally & Mr Bf with the dragons <3

# 11 Municipal park - Kuan Yin Statue

There is one famous cable car service at municipal park too. But we didn't take it.
So that's about visiting Buddha temple & statue, next we headed to floating market! 

#12 Our tuk tuk was parking in the temple nearby the floating market.

#13 Me & Mr B on the bridge to floating market.

#14 Different types of foods were selling.

#15 Me! was waiting for my Somtam.

#16 Coconut drinks was served in super cute errr container?cup?jar? HAHAH Anyway it was selling together with the drink!

#17 Me with my doraemon! 
Either you buy the drink for the cup or buy the cup for the drink, it doesn't matter. 

#18 Colourful desserts  

#19 so we got our foods!  

#20 And us!

#21 Not only floating market were selling the food but also the area around it. The favourite Mango Sticky Rice.

#22 The ice cream. Spot the durian flavor?  

#23 The cashew nut 

#24 And the well-known fried insects. Gulpppppp

#25 The panorama at late evening. Despite the Hatyai floating market was much more smaller than Bangkok's, I still favoring this one. =D

#26 My all time favourite moment! :P The night market with lot of super cheap stuff.

#27 Super tiring boyfriend when it reached shopping time (my shopping time) ;P 

#28 But when he found food, Yeah energetic to walk again! 

 #29 Especially this shop make me went almost crazy.


#31 Only rm10 per pair. What say you?? Will definitely visit this place again :P

Lastly we got back to our hotel and visit the market nearby. Mr B was busying looking for food , I was busying looking for girl things. So no photo was taken. :P Kaybye continue my last day at Thailand in next post! :3

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