Sunday, June 30, 2013

Star Cruise to Jeju-do

Early in the morning, we took a cab from our motel to Mokpo Ferry Terminal. Miao & Sq were queuing to redeem our ticket where we made the booking through online earlier. 

#1 At the ticket counter.

#2 Our ticket! 30 000 won per way which approximate RM90. It took around 4 hours to reach.
423 is our room number.

#3 Our ferry?? It is STAR CRUISE. At early I was complaining rm90 was tooooo expensive for a ferry, but when I saw the STAR CRUISE written on the ship, I felt better. Too good in comforting myself. XD

#4 Were looking for our room!

#5 Our shared room. It is just a room with tv supply. You can see our bags were the one under the TV. 
Sorry Ajasi I don't mean to capture you but the room. ><

#6 A boy were captured playing with Teddy bear. He were trying to put his keys into the Teddy's pocket! LOL

#7 Soft toy catching machine! My fav! But not this one. :p

#8 Jeju icon souvenir were selling at the lobby.

#9 After get bored playing poker, we went out to the deck for some sea view.
Cf at the deck! 

#10 Too bad it was raining at that morning, we unable to act in some Titanic scene.

#11 But it didn't ruin our mood! 
Us! <3

#12 At the lobby.

#13 Two hours later.

#14 The canteen with some good food.

#15 But we get ourselves shin la myeon!

#16 Us again! :P

#17 At the deck after the rain. The wind was too strong to get upstairs where we wished too.
SQ At the deck after the rain!

#18 Finally! Lighthouse indicated that we were reaching! Yoohoo!

My review: Overall it was good experience, nice people good environment clean toilet. I believe with good sunny day we could take more pic. Heee Raining day caused the reaching time slightly delayed. Anyhow we reached safely. 

Besides by ferry, you can take Jeju-Air to transfer to Jeju-do. As I heard from my friends who coming from Incheon Airport, Seoul. The Jeju-Air was giving them good experience as the crews were playing Rock Scissor Paper game with the passengers on board. They had some fun!

For people who have travelling sickness like me do prepare your own medicine if you have one.

Glad that my blog is on its function in providing information. Thanks for reading yo!

Happy travelling people! Bye! ♥


  1. Hi, love ur post on busan & jeju!! I'm going to visit South Korea this coming october,& planning to visit both busan & jeju.. I thought of flying to jeju from busan, and go to mokpo from jeju via ferry... can I know how you book online for the ferry? I'm really clueless about the ferry schedule.. & can I know whether they have private bathroom at apple guesthouse in busan? Thanks, really appreciated ur help!! -Jiji-

    1. Hi Jiji glad that my blog post helped. :) You may visit this website for schedule, For myself that time was a korean friend help us to book the ferry tix. And for Apple guesthouse the bathroom isn't private.Have fun!! <3

  2. Hello. May I know where do you book your cruise tickets at?
    Thanks :)

  3. Hello. May I know where do you book your cruise tickets at?
    Thanks :)


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