Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul

Have been spending 1 month at home. Except fetching my sister to school, tuition, bringing my mum to settle some documents, scheduling my through-out year plan, fighting with my brother, basically I'll just stay home online & reading some novels. Sounds so relaxing huh? :P

So, at here today I would like to share you one of my favorite books : Chicken Soup for the Soul. (Thanks to sis for borrowing books from her school library for me.) It has many version like couple soul, mother soul etc. Chicken Soup is not like a boring novel instead consist of many short real stories from people and you will feel like experience what people had experienced. Our life is too short to experience everything ie mistakes , romance. What we can do is learn from others' stories. (I quote :P ) Somehow those stories get you motivated and have courage and hope for life.

And this time,I would like to share you the Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul. A worth reading book. One of the heartening story was I'll make you a rainbow written by Linda Bremmer.

Here is one article which I found is good & helpful. Please click on the title below.

When No Words Seem Appropriate Written by a Pediatric Nurse to Ann Landers

Maybe this can help you, your friend in the future. Many people avoid to talk about death. But we all know it will happen one day right. People just chose not to talk about it. Yeah I know, law of attraction may work here, but I just want to share what can we exactly do to help when it happen.

As I go through the book, it mentioned usually people will talk about weather, news etc & avoid to mention the hurt inside your heart. What we actually can do is just be there. If you really want to say something, just say I'm Sorry. Don't ask him what can I do for you. Because the survivor might not know what he need from you. And you can just tell him, I will bring dinner for you tonight at 8 o clock. Or breakfast. Let them know you're there to listen.

From the part of Final Gifts. People said when somebody passed away they will turned to an animal to visit the family to tell them don't worry I'm good. Yes, I believed this. And I start to wonder what will I turned to visit my grandson & granddaughters. (: If somebody do not visit mean the god need him very much that he cant spend more time on the earth, so don't be sad.

Death is not frightening when you know it doesn't separate you from the love one. He is always be there. His teaching & lessons of life always guide you, you can feel his existence even you might not see him again.

It's so easy to summarize from a book. It's so easy to talk what had people talked. When it happen, I will collapse. I wish I had enough to go on. *TOUCHWOOD x hundred times* I'm not ready. So, not so soon please. I love everyone and we still have long to go.

All the best.

Here I cited from the article I Wish You Enough written by Bob Perks

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.
I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.
I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.
I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.
I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
I wish you enough loss to appreciate all your possess.
I wish you enough "hellos" to get you through the final "good bye".

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Jeju Vacation! Part 2

Our 3rd day! We went to Yongduam rock a.k.a Dragon Head rock which have the abundance factors in Jeju Island too : rocks & wind. Yongduam rock was created by strong winds & waves over thousand years.

1. Hangul Class Classmates! :3

2. Shooting with the Dragon Head.

As the admin fees is free so I think is worth a visit. :P Next we move to .Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. We were told the sunrise at this peak was the famous one but unfortunately we couldn't make it. 

3. View from the car parking lot. If you can spot the climbing path fulled with people.

4. At the base, freezing wind doesn't stop our excitement! 

5. On the way climbing up!

6. Half way shooting! Heee

7. Reach the peak!!

8. The pretties were trying to stand stably. :D #one of my favorite pic

After spend our morning at these two places, we headed to a restaurant which prepared Jeju Island must-eat-food - Black Pork (as we usually eat was pink pork). SQ said the Black Pork did taste better but if you ask whatever-food-hunter like me, I could not notice any difference. :P

 #was busy with eating & lazy Sorry I didn't take any picture of the food. :P

At this time raining begun.. No more bright sunny sky :( So we only had our picture taken by SQ's camera, thanks to the smart waterproof!

After discussion we decided to buy disposable rain coat to continue our journey at the outdoor park. Heee how many people in your life will do this crazy thing with you instead of asking you to give up the best place to visit? They will. (:

Mini Mini Land! Our next stop was a park that present the famous & interesting building all over the world. There were famous anime and cartoon too such as One Piece, Spongebob & The Smurfs !

9. The Statue of Liberty - New York. 
And if you can spot the Luffy (One Piece) at the back.

10. The London Bridge

11. Borobudur - Indonesia

12. The Paris Eiffel Tower 

13. Princess in rain with their pumpkin horse car :D

In the Mini Mini Land also have indoor entertainment such as mirror hall that played all the tricks with mirror. It was fun! Sorry again for no photo was taken. (: After visit mini mini land my travel list become longer. :P Or you can say we traveled all around the world in few hours! :D

Then the last stop of our 3rd day was Love Land. If you are interested with different shape of penis you can spend your 7,000 won (or 9,000 won?) there. :P

14. We, in good mood before things went really "interesting". LOL

15. Candy Condom. & Many more sex toys.

16. The outdoor "Shaking Car".

Seriously I don't think it worth my money. However I spent it. T^T.  If you wish to gain knowledge on love posing & sex toys. Yes have a visit! 

Lastly my advise is please take Jeju Air ! :D  What I heard from the gang is that on the way from Gimpo Airport to Jeju, the flight attendants have a small game with all of them! How special was that! :D Of course I expect the same thing on the way back! But too bad, nothing happen.

BUUUT yay! for Big Bang fans, you can have the paper cup printed with each member's signature on it! #bro blame me for not bringing the cup back -________-

Sorry for not stating the admin fees & how to get there as you can always check from Korea Visit Website. Yay the website is really useful & up to date! And book a van is better idea if you have many people in your team.

Yay! Happy traveling everyone! (✿◠‿◠)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Red Blouse

Sometimes when I nap, before I sleep, after I woke up, my mind wasn't on rest. The main stuff thinking was clothing. AHAH! What kind of skirt would match this blouse, t shirt match high waist jeans looks pretty good, white flat cover shoes looks great  hmmmmmmm.

My hand tailoring skill is not good, but still can sew shirt with hole. The tailoring cell mainly comes from my mum. I believe some of you have grandma-made-blanket right? ya, I have that kind of blanket too. That made up this crazy mind.

My friends always said I spent money on ready shirt but I will cut it again if I found out it doesn't fit me well. What a waste right? I know I know I just cannot control sometimes the ready shirt just doesn't make me looks good. "Then buy another one lah" The materials is good. #speechless What to do. Better to cut it because I will wear it more often. Heeee ;)

I always looking for design that only exist in my mind. If self tailoring problem will be solved.

I always want a sewing machine. This is another reason why.

Poor hand tailoring skill. And also wrong measurement failed my product. :( But still I like my design XD.

Will get myself a sewing machine one day. Life is great. yay! ♥

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Jeju Vacation! Part 1

I were travelling with XOXO-mates during the last week stay at South Korea. One of the most attractive places at South Korea I would say is Jeju Island!

The largest island and also the smallest province in Korea. Jeju played the same role like Malaysia's Redang Island, encourage tourism & have good view! But the special thing it was volcanic island!

We were spread into 2 group where me, Sq, Cf & Miao took ferry to reach Jeju Island from Mokpo & the rest took flight from Gimpo Airport to Jeju Airport. Noww, let the pictures speak!

I would recommend this place! If I could say beaches are my heaven, Hyeopjae beach will be the top one. #what kind of description is this. :P The turquoise seawater will just light up your day! My photos doesn't show a good one because that day was cloudy & part of the reflection of the cloud, I can't really show you the heaven. Go and experience it yourself ! (:

1. The seaweed on the beach! I have been eating so many roasted seaweed but I've never see the raw one! 

2. Opss!! Who were that crazy women? XD The water was very cold yet clean & clear ! I must say this is the clearest beach among those I went before.

3. Spot the black lava rock & seaweed? : ) 

4. ♥ If I happen to visit this place again, I hope it will be bright sunny day!

2nd day! It was a bright sunny day! I love! We were travelling with our pre-booking tour guide Mr Chou. A small van fit with 11 pretty girls! I think he was proud of that! :P

5.  Mt.Songak! One of the scenery in Dae Jang Geum.

6. The pretties! ♥ Ps: Short skirt is not advisable! or else you will only focus on holding your skirt rather than the stunning scenery. 

7. Impressed with Jeju Island? Not really? Let's see next!

Teddy Bear Museum! A must visit place for teddy bear lover! Teehee. There is anther Teddy Bear museum at N. Seoul Tower.

8. Teddy bear Museum. ♥♥♥

9. The wedding Teddy!

10. The Teddy was waving!

11. The Disney Teddy Bears!!

12. The astronaut ! (:

13. The poker card stitching Teddy!

14. Swarovski Teddy Bear !!! Hold you breath ... ... ...

15. LV Teddy!

16. Elvis Teddy show!! Yeah actually the bears was standing still & turn to left & right. AHAH but we were sitting there just like Elvis's fans & watching the "concert". 

17. The Beatless! ♥

18. And there were outdoor Teddy too! This was one of it. Teddy with the girlfriends.

And a lot more! How many girl can resist a teddy bear? HAHA Someone might say, I don't really have crush on Teddy. But the museum was just one of the great museum I ever have patient to look into one by one just because they perform it in so different & special way! I felt like I was in time tunnel travelling back to the past, see the revolution of the world & great celebrities performed by Teddy Bears.

Next, we move to Jusangjeolli Cliffs! You can see the rock pillar of rectangular shape happened due to the sudden cooling of lava that shrinks in mass.

19. Jusangjeolli Cliffs!

20. A man selling postcards & amazing picture of Jeju Island. Photo at the middle: If you get amazed by the Mt Halla with the yellow flowers, yes please visit Jeju Island during spring!

Next, let's move to the my favorite place! Heheee! Cheonjiyeon Falls!

21. Cheonjiyeon Falls, meaning "God's Pond" which is also renovated as habitat for Mutae Eel. 

22. The grandfather's stone, symbol of Jeju Island where the LHS on the above represent scholar & RHS on the above represent soldier. Mr Chou said if you want to get a scholar/soldier son, do scratch the nose of the respective grandfather's stone.

23. Finally we reach the waterfalls after a small walk from the entrance.

24. The babies were pretending natural laugh while another camera ready at the other side. Love their laughter ♥

25. Just heart the greenish pond makes everything looks good! Teeeheee

One of the famous waterfalls of Jeju Island! I heart! ♥

Last attraction of the day was Saeyeon Bridge! A bridge that connect Seogwipo Harbor & Saesom (Bird Island). If I were not holding my skirts from the superb crazyy strong wind I would have taken more photos of the bridge. LOL !

26. The wind of that day was just gone crazy and I actually afraid myself & my camera were taken away. -.-

Just for you know, there are 3 factors of abundance at Jeju Island : woman, wind & rocks. You will keep seeing me repeating these factors expecially WIND. =)

That's all for the first two days! I will try to finish part 2 as soon as possible.
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