Tuesday, January 29, 2013

♥ Hello Bali Part 2

Continue from Part 1.


Here were some places we went with the snowfakes marks and with the two smiley face were the one that we yet to go due to time constraints and misunderstood of the road map. We were planning to go to the upper part of Bali during the last day because it was too far from the guesthouse. However due to the road were not connected to each other, not alike what we can see from the map, so we are unable to reach there. It gives us the reason to visit Bali for second time :P For sure we will go again, for surfing as well!

Do you worry about ride without knowing the road? You can just google it or buy the road map for around 40000 rupiah at K Circle, the convenience mart. OR remember to bring your mouth to ask the local people! They all are so kind to help!

✿ 1


Why people come for Bali? I bet the main reason is the stunning scenery that could take your breath away.

Another tips for booking! Check the season of the destination before you book! The period that I went was wet season, so we are unable to watch the sunset for two days which were covered by lots of cloud and some rain at the morning.

✿2 Tanah Lot Temple

✿3 Tanah Lot Temple. 

✿4 Taman Ayun.



✿7 Nusa Dua Beach.
Very recommend this beach because it is very clean and less noisy compared to others.
Were watching the surfing people and kissing couple in the sea while shooting :D



✿10 At GWK cultural park, performance was on going. 
if you watch careful how they play the instrument actually it is quite impressive because the next moment they hit another silver plate , they use their left hand to hold on the previous vibrating silver plate. If you get what I mean. HAHAHHA Idk what is the name of the instrument.

✿11 The dance is sort of like our lion dance but I think this is less tiring because they were standing, not bending. 



✿14 GWK


✿16 Favorite pic! :D

✿17 At Uluwatu , the stunning cliff!

✿18 The wood stick I was holding is to scare away the naughty monkey. The balinese were really kind I tell you. Even the tourguide was another tourist's he was so willing to help me take some photos and chase away the monkey.

Impressive cliff!

✿19 At Dreamland beach which is also known as new kuta beach.

✿20 It was the 3rd day and the first time we manage to watch the sunset.

Thank you to my personal GPS who can remember the map so well and find the correct way to reach the beach! By the time we done with Utuwatu temple is already about 5 and impossible to reach Jimbaran bay or Kuta Beach that soon for sunset, with our bike.So this bf get his way asking around and follow the local motorist to find the dreamland beach!





✿25 The Titra Empul Temple.


✿27 Kintamani Mountain, the active volcano mountain.

✿28 LWJ and I 

✿29 Click on the photo below for the full view of the mountain.

It was really fun ride by yourselves but it took lots of time to reach one place to another, anyway we did have fun and another successful trip! Thank you Liaw Wei Jun for being photographer, smart GPS and a patient boyfriend! :3

Monday, January 28, 2013

♥ Hello Bali Part 1

Me & Mr LWJ went to Bali after my final exam. If you ask me is it honeymoon? I would say no, it's backpackers adventurous trip. XD So here we go!

♥ 1 YYJ pretend to be good even having travelling sickness.

♥2 The favorite meal in the place. Chatime + Nasi lemak. But expensiveeeeeeeee. You might get rm2 on the land but on the air you have to pay rm13. Mr LWJ tried to get me food to make me feel better during vomitting.

Another flight booking tips : Never get a plane that fall on your lunch/dinner time, or else pay to pamper your stomach. But sometimes, when there is FREE SEAT you thought yourself could starve right. I know, me either. :P

Guest House : Budha's Guesthouse
Price : Around RM100 per night include breakfast
Good : Spacious bathroom, comfortable garden view, airport pickup, warm & friendly staff.

♥3  The garden

♥4 Our eating place

♥5 Balinese style


♥7 The balcony area

♥8 Glad that I have own private photographer :P

By : Motorbike (We called it Skuter at Malaysia)
Rental : Around RM12 per day
Good : Stop by anywhere anyplace you like. Very Flexible. Cost save for two people.
Reminder : Never Cross the WHITE line at the traffic light. You will realise the local people even they do not wear helmet, they would never go after the white line.

We rented the motorbike from the guesthouse for two days as it is more convenience to us. So you might want to ask, do you have license.  No we don't. So we two dummies, rent the bike early in the morning and ride ourselves to the Denpasar Police Station to make one. It cost us 300,000 Rupiah, approximately rm100. And the entire days, we never get caught-ed nor blocked by the local police as I read from the internet. So if you dare to take the risk, haha you get me.

One day we will get ourselves international license so that we can ride at other places as well. =)

♥9 The baby. Thank you for being kind to us!

♥10 Can you spot the petrol in bottle? 5,000 rupiah per liter. You can get it everywhere.

♥11 On the way to Tanah Lot Temple

♥12 Useless video on the motorbike if you don't mind. =P

We did use car rental with driver too. On the last day, for the Kalimantan Moutain where it located to far for us, else we will burn our butt on the motorbike.

If you are not food oriented person, you could save more than us. People claimed foods at Bali is expensive, it depends on where you go, the restaurant for the tourist or the restaurant for the local people. We went both. Tried the worst and the best, and broke. AHAHAH.

♥13 The TehBotol

♥  14 Ayam Soto. The foods at Bali mainly is turmeric as ingredient based, as what we called kunyit in Bahasa.

♥15 Ayam Bertutu. 

♥16 Babi Guling, the famous roast suckling pig. LWJ claimed the one we ate was not sucking pig, it was the mama/daddy pig. I wonder what his tongue made of.

♥17 Close up.So this one cost us around rm15, where if you ordered at restaurant that would cost you rm100. I'm not sure if the restaurant one taste better, if anyone have tried both please let me know.

♥18 Favorite drink! The Fruit Tea.

 ♥ 19 Another Babi Guling. And this one taste better than the first one.

 ♥20 So this is where we had our second Babi Guling. One of the good things when you ride yourself. Stop anywhere anytime.  The shop was pretty small but the food taste good and was visited by many local people.

♥21 The babi guling.

♥22 Us. Stop by to buy food again. Balinese were really kind and friendly!

♥23 Have you tried apang balik with jackfruit plus cheese inside? Taste really really good. Omg my stomach super hungry at this hour blogging about foods. 

Can you spot the red bean flavor at the upper left? I bet it is good as well! 

♥24 Mr LWj with his favorite Cendol. 

♥25 Mixed satay.

♥26 Bebek Goreng. The cripsy duck. A little expensive because the restaurant was meant for tourist, so you know. 

♥27 The paddy rice view while you're enjoying the cripsy duck. Again it is included in the price. 
So you are watching the alive one at the paddy field and the cooked on on your plate. How is that feel? hmmmmmm

♥28 Coconut drink. Don't forget to cooling down under the hot sun!

Okay, Im going to sleep now. Continue tomorrow. Scenery next part okayy, can't believe myself blogged for that long hours. zzZZzz Good night ♥

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