Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Jeju Vacation! Part 2

Our 3rd day! We went to Yongduam rock a.k.a Dragon Head rock which have the abundance factors in Jeju Island too : rocks & wind. Yongduam rock was created by strong winds & waves over thousand years.

1. Hangul Class Classmates! :3

2. Shooting with the Dragon Head.

As the admin fees is free so I think is worth a visit. :P Next we move to .Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. We were told the sunrise at this peak was the famous one but unfortunately we couldn't make it. 

3. View from the car parking lot. If you can spot the climbing path fulled with people.

4. At the base, freezing wind doesn't stop our excitement! 

5. On the way climbing up!

6. Half way shooting! Heee

7. Reach the peak!!

8. The pretties were trying to stand stably. :D #one of my favorite pic

After spend our morning at these two places, we headed to a restaurant which prepared Jeju Island must-eat-food - Black Pork (as we usually eat was pink pork). SQ said the Black Pork did taste better but if you ask whatever-food-hunter like me, I could not notice any difference. :P

 #was busy with eating & lazy Sorry I didn't take any picture of the food. :P

At this time raining begun.. No more bright sunny sky :( So we only had our picture taken by SQ's camera, thanks to the smart waterproof!

After discussion we decided to buy disposable rain coat to continue our journey at the outdoor park. Heee how many people in your life will do this crazy thing with you instead of asking you to give up the best place to visit? They will. (:

Mini Mini Land! Our next stop was a park that present the famous & interesting building all over the world. There were famous anime and cartoon too such as One Piece, Spongebob & The Smurfs !

9. The Statue of Liberty - New York. 
And if you can spot the Luffy (One Piece) at the back.

10. The London Bridge

11. Borobudur - Indonesia

12. The Paris Eiffel Tower 

13. Princess in rain with their pumpkin horse car :D

In the Mini Mini Land also have indoor entertainment such as mirror hall that played all the tricks with mirror. It was fun! Sorry again for no photo was taken. (: After visit mini mini land my travel list become longer. :P Or you can say we traveled all around the world in few hours! :D

Then the last stop of our 3rd day was Love Land. If you are interested with different shape of penis you can spend your 7,000 won (or 9,000 won?) there. :P

14. We, in good mood before things went really "interesting". LOL

15. Candy Condom. & Many more sex toys.

16. The outdoor "Shaking Car".

Seriously I don't think it worth my money. However I spent it. T^T.  If you wish to gain knowledge on love posing & sex toys. Yes have a visit! 

Lastly my advise is please take Jeju Air ! :D  What I heard from the gang is that on the way from Gimpo Airport to Jeju, the flight attendants have a small game with all of them! How special was that! :D Of course I expect the same thing on the way back! But too bad, nothing happen.

BUUUT yay! for Big Bang fans, you can have the paper cup printed with each member's signature on it! #bro blame me for not bringing the cup back -________-

Sorry for not stating the admin fees & how to get there as you can always check from Korea Visit Website. Yay the website is really useful & up to date! And book a van is better idea if you have many people in your team.

Yay! Happy traveling everyone! (✿◠‿◠)

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