Monday, January 13, 2014

Yogya Day 2

Continue with my Yogya trip, day 2.

  △ 1. This was the breakfast prepared by Rizka's mum. 

Can u imagine you will find siew mai at Indonesia? \(>o<)ノ

 It's fish siew mai, tasted as good as pork's. Oh ya, don't take Yogya and Bali are the same culture even its in same country. At Bali, most of them are Hindu but at Yogya most of them are Muslim. So do not expect to have Babi Guling at Yogya. Both have different culture but not losing to each others. :))

△ 2. We have also Yogya special food called tempe, the fried soya beans.

△3. My daily breakfast. Terima kasih atas prihatin Tante & Riz.

△ 4. On our way, spotted this active volcano mount.

△ 5. Cant't stop feeling impressed at the city. It just looks like a picture, but its REAL !

We headed to Gin & Riz's university in another campus where they told me a small candi was found under the ground during their construction at the main library. It's like small candi at the campus.

△ 6. Reached the library. How long has it been buried and hidden underground?

△ 7. Riz & Gin. :)

△ 8. Next we went to Ullen Sentalu Museum Seri dan Budaya Jawa . Click here for more info. 

The private museum prohibit the visitors for taking photos. It is mainly talks about the story of the Jawa Kingdom and usage of different pattern of batik.

△9.  We only allowed to take photos after that. This looks normal?

△10. It's declining!

△11. Riz & Gin. Heart this picture of them. :))

△12. At the souvenir store.

△13. Tips to make your leg looks slimmer in photo, only show one leg. :PP

14. Next we headed to Borabudur, grabbed some ice cream on the way. Yeah got myself Spongebob ice cream. Am not Spongebob fans but it just looks so attractive.

△15. Well not the cracking part. BUT its soooo goood! With Banana flavor, everything with Banana in Yogya tasted good. xD

△16. Finally! The main attraction in Yogya. YAY

△17. People mountain people sea. (Chinese proverb means crowded)

△18. Don't care. Me with my funky sunglasses.

△19. :)

△20. Okay before further photos, this is the structure of Borobudur, one of the largest Buddhist temple. Photo from wikipedia.

More information visit UNESCO World Heritage-Borobudur.

△21. The whole view of the amazing piece. You can see the main stupa, circular platforms and square platforms.

△22. Me. :)

△23. The rhombus holed stupas.



△26. The square holed stupas.

△27. Us!

△28. Do you know each of the stupa has Buddha statue inside?





△33. At the base.



△36. After we got down from the buildings, there was some stalls selling souvenir at the exit.

△37. Lastly, Borobudur market.

△38. On the way back, we stopped at Jejamuran. Jamur means Mushroom, ohhh I love Jamur so much.

If you happen to visit Borobudur, please stop by this restaurant to try out. Everything is from JAMUR!!

△39. Mushroom satay. *thumbs

△40. Mushroom tomyum soup. *thumbs

△41. Sweet and sour fried mushroom. *thumbs

△42. Different type of Jamursss.

△43.  After that, Gin drove us to the buziest road in the town, Malioboro Street. Full of tourists and locals.

△44. Besides the motorcar and motorbikes you can find there is horse ride too. Many of it.

△45. Last but not least let me ended with Yogya landmark, Tugu Jogja.

Till then, Bye! xoxo
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