Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bangkok with ♥ Part 2

Hellow! Continue with previous post, for the day 3 we went to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market which is stated at Ratchaburi Province, 100km away from Bangkok. For this tourist attraction spot we shall had an overwhelming exciting feeling but everything was spoil at the moment I felt cheated. Hmm ?

First the taxi driver? Or maybe the agent I should address him that promised us to pick us up at our guesthouse, but end up we had to walk about two streets away to get a separate cab for 6 people. So Mr Liaw & I sat different cab #angryyy

1. He promised to pick us at our hotel, we never expect to walk any further from the hotel. But it took us 10 minutes to get the cab.

2. He promised to get us a big cab which can fit 6 people. Now what? Hmmmmm

Anyhow we were departing without any breakfast , fit into 2 cab and slept in the taxi about 1.5/2 hours to reach.

Maybe my research & study about the attractions were not good enough, so I did not expect the taxi driver bring us to one end of the river and asked us to take the boat to travel around Damnoen Saduak. There was another boat agency waiting. The lady then told us for 1000 baht per person for the ride. Crazy man!!

I was so angry and decided to go back to the town without taking the boat. 1000 baht I can go and watch Tiger Show & Lady Boys singing "Nobody" already. I merajuk in front of the friends & Mr bf, negotiating with the lady & taxi driver, I'm really sorry I really meant to go back to the town & not wanting to take your superb expensive boat ride lor okay! Because I expect the floating market was the same like Hatyai floating market where the buyer was on the land & the seller was in the boat. Never thought for Bkk floating market is totally different where the seller & buyer are both on the river! #Okay I admit my homework was not good enough.

Lastly the rationalist (5 of them) get negotiated for 300 baht per pax for the ride & change the boat route to fit for 300 baht. #Angry level goes little bit down#

1 ✿ Photo before the boat moves ! (:

2 ✿ There was a boat route I mentioned remember? So the 1st destination we went was a local temple.

3 ✿ Snapping while you can see our boat driver was waiting at the back :P

4 ✿ The old lady was canoe-ing in between the river to sell her mango sticky rice.

5 ✿ The young lady was selling the souvenir to the boat tourist. Cheap cheap come and see come and see. Okay actually the goods were exactly the same you can buy on the night market and the price was not so cheap.

6 ✿ Pineapple star fruit coconut banana were also selling on the boat. Maybe a "fruit boat" ?

7 ✿ Souvenir seller along the river. I forgot who said this, "there must be a lot of souvenir in the river!"  LOL

8 ✿ And half way we stopped aside & were told by the boat driver to order our food. You can tell actually there is some connection between the boat driver with some food/souvenir seller where for some boat he will stop for a little bit longer & some he just passed by very quick.

Hungry face. Was sweating a lot cus of hot weather and spicy noodle. But I like Thailand food very much!!

9 ✿ KM & MK. Yeah we did everything include eating & buying in the boat! 

10 ✿ And then we arrived at coconut farm where there is food & souvenir made from coconut tree. Below was the coconut candy selling & was really tasty where you will buy even tough the lady said "no discount no discount".

11 ✿ Mr Liaw was busying with the coconut sugar. :D #wherever there is a food, there is my boyfriend :P

12 ✿ Creative enough! #mean while our boat was parking aside.

Actually the floating market was really a new experience for me & felt really good you exposed to something you never had before. Thanks to the people who always taking care & make wise decision (:

After came back to Bangkok city the taxi driver dropped us at MBK and it's the time for shopping!

13 ✿ Opsss before that shall we get lunch first? All those hungry people cannot decide what to eat for lunch so we bought the street foods to fill up the stomach. Around Siam square area.

This poh piah was really tasty with myonese & little ham. Only 10 baht if I'm not mistaken?

Top up energy for shopping! 

14 ✿ And then we go shop till night. Err only manage to find this 1 photo at Siam square at night time. Really super crowded. #was busying scanning for nice shirt and camera was putting aside. HAHAHA

15 ✿ At night time we went back to khao san road again. And for massage! 100 baht for 1 hour foot massage! #pampering the foot

16 ✿ And of course some fried insects as snack! Opsss would you dare to try?

17 ✿ Ohhhh ya, my favourite corn come in red?! LLY doesnt like it as tasted weird but as long as is a corn I like all type. HAHHA

18 ✿ A cocktail with Mr Liaw. Heeee

Okay, that's for day 3! Heee, gotta off for class. :) 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bangkok with ♥ Part 1

Was travelling to Bangkok & Hatyai with JAM & BFs last month. Heee ♥ This was the 2nd time I went to Thailand after Puket. Bangkok & Hatyai are real exciting places if you are passionate in SHOPPINGGG! :D
For sure will be back for food & shopping again :p


1 ✿ Exciting love birds were waiting for boarding @LCCT 

2 ✿ We reached BKK at peak hour and it was a terrible traffic jam. Anyhow it was not so annoyed because we were in superb happy mood :DD 
We get the taxi with coupon 450 baht to Khao San, luckily we did not took meter cab or else our money for shopping would have gone in this traffic.

3 ✿ After checked in into KS Guesthouse.  This was the first food that we bought at Khao San Road. Yummy Yummy pork rib & chicken wings #swallowing saliva

4 ✿ Sotong Bakar! & also the spicy meat (beef?pork? Im not sure) HAHHA

5 ✿ Mr Liaw & I waiting for our pork rib & chicken wingsss

6 ✿ Favorite Coconut Ice Cream! MK was holding the coconut drink while KM was holding the ice cream. Yum Yum ice cream matched with the coconut drink #Thumbs! 

7 ✿ 

8 ✿ Moon bought this sticky mango rice. Another must try!!

9 ✿ Super cute & innovative stop for a drink :D

10 ✿ Bistro & Pub along the street. :D

11 ✿ We had a drink here before off.


1 ✿ Our small portion breakfast! We were always wondering did the Thailand people always eat small portion food or we Malaysian get used to a bigger portion already? 

2 ✿ After Ally arrived with the bf we visited Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall. which use the technology to stories the centuries of the city. It was nice for education & historical telling with advanced technology. If you have free time you may visit here :D

3 ✿ There were many halls with different theme and this one is with the 'Paddy' theme.

4 ✿ Opss Who were out at Thaild Magazine! Can u spot them? #shyy

5 ✿ We took our portrait & were told to wait for the surprise :D

6 ✿ See who is this!! Cute or not! Heee Photo taken & were film into a video. If have chance I will show u the video, how adorable is this idea! <3 

7 ✿ Ally the chef! 

8 ✿ MK buying somtam with LYY ! LMAO

9 ✿ Temples seeing from the exhibition hall.

10 ✿ Later part we went to Yaowaraj the Chinatown. And before our dinner we went to the BKK train station to look for train tix to Hatyai. 

11 ✿ Cheap & Delicious Seafood at Chinatown! Tomyam & Big Prawn <3

12 ✿ My all time favorite fresh juice! Can anyone tell me what is the name of the fruit in English? 
Selling 40-50 baht per bottle.

13 ✿ Us! Never stop buying food :P 

And lastly we took crazy Tuk Tuk back to Khao San for another jalan jalan. Sorry for no photos of Tuk Tuk heeeh. :) 

Okay, gotta sleep now, will try to update soon. Good night!! =3
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