Saturday, May 4, 2013

Back in Busan 2012! Part 1

After I finished my exchange programme at Solbridge, me & the kakis traveled to BUSAN, the second large city in South Korea after Seoul. In the recent Airasia promo, I bet some of my friends did purchased the +- rm600 for round trip flight. I want to go again! But budget constraint, so I can only refresh my memory here. Heeee so at Busan we did visit some places and am gonna talk (rather than talk, i would say 'pic') about this lovely place.

Main Places I personally like about BUSAN are
1. Gamcheongdong Culture Village
2. Taejongdae
3. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple 
4. Gwanggali Beach & Gwangan Bridge

I apologize for not being able to show each location through the map of Busan. I will show you some pictures place by place. :)))

#1. Indoor Musical Water Fountain @ Lotte Department Store
A good break when you are tiring of walking. This is located at the base of the Lotte Department Store and there is a regular showing time everyday. 

#2. Love Lock @Lotte Department Store
Located at the rooftop, the top level of the building. South Korea is popular with the love lock,Other than N Soul tower, Isadong , you can also found it here.

#3. Lock the love with your loves! & throw away the key :D

#4. Night view of Busan @Lotte Department Store
At Busan you can always find places easily to see the stunning night view.

#5. Port @Jagalchi Market

Jagalchi market is famous for seafood because it is near to the port. There is a lot of restaurant at the wet market, and you can easily get some to try on their seafood.
There is one buffet seafood restaurant but we didnt have the chance to go for it.

It was cloudy when our 1st day there.

#6 Explore the culture! @Gamcheondong Culture Village
This is suitable for people who likes to walk and slowly explore new culture. 

#7 @Gamcheondong Culture Village 
There is good guide of the arrow of fishes to show you which way to go.
My legs. :P

#8 @Gamcheondong Culture Village. 
The best traveled kakis. <3

#9 @Gamcheondong Culture Village
The view at the top of the flats.

#10 Opss Duckie the wolf are waiting!! @Gamcheondong Culture Village
If you likes the Penang mural paints, you can pay your visit here too!

#11. Erm Human Birds? @Gamcheondong Culture Village

#12 @Gamcheondong Culture Village

#13 Indoor exhibition at one stop. @Gamcheondong Culture Village

#14 The super cute guide for you! @Gamcheondong Culture Village

#15 Jimjilbang @Vesta Sauna
Please google yourself what is Jimjilbang & the structure. :P Please try jimjilbang if you go S.Korea because we will never have it in Malaysia.
You just need to pay for 9000 won (rm27) per night for a rest.
Beside the registration is the locker for you to put your shoes.

#16 @Vesta Sauna with sleeping clothes provided after sauna.
me, after bath & sauna, massaging my foots with lolipop in mouth. 
Tired of walking. :D

#17 3 of us! @Vesta Sauna
I like this jimjilbang because you can see the night view of Busan throughout the window!
As you can see that is our sleeping place, using public pillow and mat and just sleep till the next morning.
If you want to max the usage of the jimjilbang you can go and have sauna again before check out. 

#18 The night view @Vesta Sauna
It is just worth all the 9000won right! Thanks to Miao who visited there before and recommend us.

#19 Another shoot.
Can see the Gwangan Bridge & Haeundae Beach. Super in love! <3
Even you sleep publicly you will still sleep well isn't it. 
For me lah at least with this good night view. HAHA

That's for part 1. Gonna sleep! Buhbye!


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