Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Way to Hatyai !

So continue with my previous posts about Bangkok, we went to Hatyai by train after Bangkok! It took around 18 hours spent on the train to reach Hatyai, and RM55 for upper bed without aircond. ( October 2012) It's advisable to take flight if you would ask me again. Nevertheless its an experience for us. At least we have six of us. HAHA

#1 My poor sickening baby boy. Got fever all the way :( .
Just to show the seat. There was a man who was preparing our "bed" for us at late evening. So for lower bed customer (fares was expensive than upper bed, if you ever took ktm in Malaysia for sure you will know this.) the bed was the seats when he flatten the seats you can see on the picture below. Can imagine that? HAHA

#2 Our upper bed was prepared when he pull down the "bed" on the LHS of below pic. So you can see the staircase for us. He then came to keep it back at the morning and returned the bed to seat.

#3 The toilet area, Mr Bf was taking photo when I was brushing my teeth. You may not want to take train after you have seen the toilet. HAHA

#4 The train would stop by some stations and allow the hawker to sell some foods on the train. Bought my breakfast at the morning.

#5 We ! 

#6 Were playing games to overcome our boredness. :P 

#7 And reached finally! Do not take tuk tuk car to reach the city because it is very near! In walking distance to reach the well known Lee Garden Plaza.

Okay I am going to continue my trip in next post to avoid overload pictures in one post. Kay bye! :3

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