Saturday, October 27, 2012

A try out :D

Good morningggg! I was braiding my hair last night to try out a natural curl, and this happened.

Not really worked! HAHAHH

Okay, back to study. Gotta have mid term coming week. Oh my bank management ... The most challenging subject I had this semester, I'm gonna take you down! 

Everything was good and my plant is growing higher and higher! Waiting for pretty sunflower lalalalaaa

OHHHH I discovered, my SBM phone made in china is able to take nice picture under good lighting! whoaaaaa and after 3 picture the pannai phone will tell you not enough memory zz

Okay! Soyonara! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My 1st Prezi Presentation :)

When I was at International School of Business at South Korea, I was exposed to this presentation software called Prezi. Thanks to the guy who inspire & impressed me. :)

So at that time I was downloaded prezi & start to discover prezi like seriously. Then I failed because Prezi LOOKS complicated and difficult!

 Until today, it was my first presentation on Tourism Management. I was trying to attempt on this software & wanted to show something other than Microsoft Powerpoint. I start to sign in my prezi account again and trying to explore it.

The good thing is you can do your presentation online and it is automatically save time to time.

At this time, I discovered it was too easy, I meant has very simple tool that make me headache because I need some animations to make my slides look interesting. As refer to some "good prezi" , I had an idea! #LightBulb

And here comes my 1st prezi presentation & appreciated by the lecturer! I got 9 marks out of 10 for presentation which makes me highly satisfied. Sleepless for two nights were so worth!

Of course Prezi was just part of it. But I was really happy when the good work paid off. yayayyaaayayayay!

Just to share with you for my presentation slide! you might not understand because I explain mostly everything verbally. :D It was about the snorkeling experience linked to the service quality. And some pictures of my dad, as the tour guide. Proud of him when I was story telling about him. :)

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