Thursday, November 22, 2012


午前 勉強しました。

午後 働きました。


でも 私は大丈夫でしょう


ps/ learning Japanese is fun!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bangkok with ♥ Part 3

For the last day at BKK, we went to Wat Arun & The Grand Palace before we took the train departing to Hatyai.

Ohh let pictures speak!

 1 ❀ never forget group photo before depart! <3

2 ❀ Waiting at Jeti for the boat to The Grand Palace. For backpacker can consider this boat road as transportation, it's very cheap!

3 ❀ At The Grand Palace! 

4 ❀ But we did not go in and just hanging outside :P

5 ❀ Next we move to Wat Arun, as in the internet stated, no matter how poor your photography skill, the photo will look good with the strategic temple! Me! Heart this picha, credit to Mr Photographer :) 

6 ❀ Next! Couple jumping shooting! Ally & her Mr BF <3 HIGH 5 !

7 ❀ Me and my Mr BF <3 Super Kicking Style :D

8 ❀ Moon & her Mr BF <3 Lets Take A Sky Train! :D

Wat Arun is famous for it sunset scene, but we did not manage to arrange time to go there, anyway bright sunny morning looks good as well!

9 ❀ Next we squeeze into tuk tuk car, very small tuk tuk with 6 of us inside! Super kiam siap yet happy squeezing!! Fail blogger me as didn't take such meaningful photo! :P

 End of the day we took train move from BKK to our next destination Hatyai! Eating is Mr LWJ all time favorite, get a good food with only 10 baht, can you see his super duper happy face? #heartmelt

10 ❀ See, never take his eyes off the food! :D

11 ❀ Spot us sit on the floor? With all our stuff while waiting for the train! :D

Okay a very simple blog post! Heeeee It's always important to get a good travel mates. When you have the besties and bf for the same time, it feels good! Thank you for the great time! :)))))

Wednesday, November 14, 2012




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