Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Monkey

Mr Bf get me a new toy from Taiwan which I thought it was a hand pad for mouse. Can you guess what is this little monkey about?

#1 The very useful toy for me <3

 #2 Yippie this is the magic hot/cold pack to keep me warm during menstruation period whereby my abdomen & lap may not feeling well.

So how it works? Spot a piece of metal in the fluid? You only have to crack/bend the piece to another side, the magic will work! The fluid will react due to whatever chemical reason.

#3 The fluid slowly turn into snowly-like and release heat in it. The pack will turn warm and to half-solid piece. No longer spot the wording and the metal piece right? Amazing innovation. =D

You will have to keep pressing on the new form solid piece to keep it warm for longer time. Normally it works at least one hour for me (am not sure the max time because when I was putting this toy, it is so comfortable and reduced my pain, then I fell asleep)

#4 So when am awake the little monkey turn into this! Super solid and can knock on people's head.

#5 To turn it into original, you only need to wrap it with a towel and boil it. Yes, BOIL it. LOL

#6 Like this. At least for 20 minutes until there is no single snow flakes piece inside. Or else the whole thing will react to each other again without you pressing on the metal piece. 

This new toy is very useful as it is very small but can keep you warm enough. Truly a good gift for a girl. : )) Thank you baby. <3

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