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At Mokpo - For the ferry transfer to Jeju

Sorry for the long update! :D 

Previously I was posting about Busan & Jeju Island for my travelling experiences, some of my friends were curious how should they travel to Jeju from Busan?

Except by flight from Busan Airport, you may also go by bus + ferry. :D

After my trip at Busan, I took bus from Busan to Mokpo in oder to go to Jeju-Do. Mokpo 목포 is a city in South Jeolla Province, South Korea. You may refer to the map below for geographical idea.


From (1) Busan take bus to (2) Mokpo for 6 hours and from Mokpo take ferry to (3) Jeju island for 4 hours.

#2 Ready to go.

If you are backpacking all the way down, you may overnight one day at Mokpo for a break & take the ferry the next morning. So, what to do at Mokpo?

When I first reached at the bus station, the tourist information was really helpful. You may also use the public computer to online for some information, of course you need to feed it with token. There was locker to leave your stuff while you hanging around. 

The most interesting place I have visited at Mokpo was the dancing sea fountain at the ocean. You may spend some of your time there and there was Lotte department store nearby. It took around 15-20 minutes from the musical water fountain to the bus station, if you can read the map, it was really easy to reach there without catching a cab and save some penny. There was no public bus could reach that area which was told by the nuna at the tourist information. If you want to save some money, then walk. But i think it will not be expensive to take a cab perhaps around 5-7,000 won?

Thanks god, it was no raining at the evening when I reached. While waiting for my friends coming from Yeosu & Seoul, I decided to keep my bagpack at the locker & explore the city.  

#3 I was trying to snap some landmark so that if anything happened to me (touchwood), people can investigate from the clue. Yes this was in my mind whenever I was travelling alone :P 

#4 So I studied the map correctly & I reached my destination, the Peace Park 평화광장! Its okay it took some times, because that was the time that takes your patience & courages. There is no IMPOSSIBLE but only I M POSSIBLE. :D

So lucky for a sunset view at the late evening.

#5 Was snapping around while waiting for the Dancing Sea Fountain show.


#7 It's just like our taman for relaxing & you can see korean bringing out their family for evening walk.

#8 And also Korean can just picnic anywhere, sit down chit chat & makan makan. That was one of the part I like about korean. ;)

#9 My only face in this post. HAHAH

#11 Too like to snap on my foot & legs for no reason. :P

#12 The Mokpo icon, Gatbawi 
- a pair of rock formations which caused by erosion , named for its resemblance to a man wearing a gat, a traditional cylindrical Korean hat. 

#13 When the night came, the audience seat was slowly filling up.

#14 The show! 

#15 At the sea.

#16 The Dancing Sea Fountain was free & the show was just too good for its price!

#17 It was a beautiful marriage proposal water fountain & laser show.

#18 Manage to catch a few good pictures before my camera battery dead.

#19 There were 2 times of the the show EVERYDAY.

#20 End of the show, I don't know who to thanks, but only could clap loudly for the good show. :D

This was only a short trip of mine at Mokpo. You can check here for more Mokpo attractions like boat cruise & museum. Next post Im gonna blog about the five star cruise to Jeju yay! Tada!

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