Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mt Santubong 2014

Today I wanna blog about the Mt.Santubong, the mountain that I've underestimated. :D 

Spent my weekend at Kuching two weeks ago to visit Mr Liaw. When he was discussin our itinerary , he asked are you sure you want to climb Mt.Santubong, we might not have enough time for that and it's very tiring. I answered firmly, Yes that's the second reason I want to visit Kuching after you. 

He explained again, internet review showed that it took 4 hours to reach the submit and another 2 hours to get down. It's not an usual mt hike. All in my mind was, nothing is impossible, the more challenging it is, the more attractive the mountain. You know, I take it too EASY and it sounds so silly.

#1 The mountain that we are going to climb.

There is one police station nearby and we actually go and report ourselves since LWJ get the advise from his friend who climbed before. In case before the dark if we haven't get back to the police there might be something happened to us, they can rescue us asap.

#2  Reach the destination where by you can see this signboard at the left hand side.

#3 The station where you start your hiking at right hand side.

We have to pay rm8 for entrance fees and to register.

#4 This map is shown at the registration counter. We parked our car at the road side and started at Bt Putri.

Mr B didn't forget to remind me again, said today we might not able to reach the peak due to the weather and the path might be slippery. And I promised him if it starts raining we will just get down and showed that I am very clear of the conditions that we might be facing, yet the angel devil in my heart tell me you can reach the peak today! :P

#5 The beginning path looks simple and easy no? Normal jungle trekking. Hey hey this is not even the beginning I would say. 

#6 The man behind my stubbornness and never fail in supporting me.

#7 Soon we reached check point 2 where it shown F7. The view here is nice and clearer. I put 3 stars mark at the map at photo2. This is the first one.

#8 I <3 my personal photographer. Stinky me :P

#9 Next you know this gonna be a little bit difficult because the existing of the rope. Still, it is okay because the root did some supports.

#10 LWJ.

#11 Me. Know why I laugh that way? 

#12 This enlighten more excitement for me. I never expect this! 

#13 At F9 the first so called rock-climbing started at this point. And am still in the mood of #captureeverymoment.

#14 The first thing LWJ said, babe how did you do that? I was like, errr I just do it.

#15 More to go. 
The gap is very wide, and 90 degree makes it even harder. 

#16 Me, "Dear can you please hold I want to take photo."

#17 Him, "Have you done yet, am tiring of hanging here." while putting a smile on his face. *Meltmyheart*

#18 Finally, ROCKY!! The landmark of Datuk Merpati stone indicating the summit is not far away!


#20 YAY! F15!

#21 Another 3 stars point at View Point 5.

#22 Erm I think that is the Damai Beach Resort?

#23 Finally we reached the summit, me failed blogger again didn't take the look of the summit with the small hut. Want to know how it looks like? Climb it then :)

This is the view from the peak.

#24 <3

#25 This is the best photo we could captured in our camera but the real nicest view was captured in our mind.

#26 Everything was just worth it. :))) 

We didnt stay long at the peak cus we are lacking of water and also being quite hungry. We have met other hikers who brought rice and picnic at the mountain while we only bring some bread and choco bar. I would say each person need at least one and half bottle of 1.5L of drinking water. While we only bring one and half for 2 persons, and Mr B got sick on that night :(( I learned that you will prefer to carry heavier bag rather than dehydrated, all my fault, sorry Mr B, love you.

Ohh ya reminder for future hiker, you may bring mosquitoes repellent incense as the peak was occupied by flies that is really annoying and ruin our mood. #supermadface

We took 3 hours to reach the peak. Me and Mr B compliment each other for being strong enough to reach the summit. He was expecting to reach in 4 hours time. And thank you for all the encouragement and being the best backup.

Lastly, we took the same hours to get down because I was EXHAUSTED, fell several times on the way down because knee got weaken. The legs was actually shaking when I was getting down from the rock. Because how did you go up that's how you gonna get down.  It's true that some hikers said, GETTING DOWN IS HARDER THAN CLIMBING THE MT. For others mount that I've climb before I really never experienced this. My mind keep asking myself, hey you what have you getting yourself in. >,<

Thanks god that we reached safely even though there was some delays. Even though I got muscle pain for the next few days, I'm real happy that we are doing something TOGETHER, and that is the precious & meaningful memories for us. 

I remembered I told him, "Baby I will never climb this mt again." Hell ya. Mr B, let's go again ;) Next time we'll try another route and chill at the waterfalls. *exciting*

P/S to self,  You need to work harder in training your stamina! I.M.POSSIBLE!


  1. Actually there's no fee to climb the mountain. The local told us (during a school trip, hiking the mountain on March 8, 2014), we're boarding on the village inap desa.
    the guys on that hut are scam. The exact hut pictured above.

  2. Hey boss thank you for the advises! We will try another route next time. Nevertheless this is a good hiking experience! :)))


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