Monday, April 30, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012




感觉上 笨笨

可 心 依旧那么近 感觉那么近

有时候 你呆头呆脑地 不过是在宠我

我知道的 假装的家伙

想你了 很想很想

Monday, April 23, 2012

Do you?

Do you ever had a friend when you said "let's go somewhere!"
then she said "Okay!" The next minute she did was looking for the places.

Do you ever had a friend who planned everything for you and said "Rely on me!"

Do you ever had a friend who never hug you but you felt very secure every time you're being with her.

Do you ever had a friend who forgive you stupidity and the next seconds she said, "what are you talking about? I don't remember you said that before. Did you said that?"

Do you ever had a friend who being childish and stupid that tied up coconut hair with you & taking up photos in the midnight?

Do you ever had a friend who wanted you to be the 1st person who knows her secret before it goes public?

Do you ever had a friend who is willing to sit on your motorbike & keep ask for more?

Do you ever had a friend who never ask how do you do when you're good, but when you're depressed she made the phone call.

Do you ever had a friend who never ask you to buy souvenir whenever you go abroad instead tell you not to waste money buy stuff back.

Do you?

When I was typing this I mind keep flashing back those people I've made friend with these few years. And i realized I'm so lucky to have them.

It's impossible that one friend could be the one who has all these criteria, but I'm lucky enough to have so many of them. I'm just too lucky.


The bf learned the new words 뽀뽀 . 

And kept ppoo ppoo ppoo ppoo. He's too cute for me. :D

Nah, 뽀뽀 for you baby.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


My 1st hand made key chain (or should I say doll? ) 

1) Cut the shape

2) Stitch the side & insert cotton

3) And can you spot something wrong with her? :( 
She got blinded cus me stupid use glue to stick instead of stitch the eyes & legs.

4) So what I did is do operation. Hmmm
Replace the blind eyes & legs. :P

5) Stitch the hook of the chain. 

What does it looks like for you? I bet only the owner know. :D

The 1st time hand made look so rough


我爱你 ❤

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Goal for 6th semester :)

Maybe it isn't too late for setting a goal even I have 2 months left. :P

Yeah so here it is :

For this month

Learn how to type in Hangul (Learn it after your mid term exam!)

For this semester

Learn at least 3 dishes of Korean and cook for the love one.
Learn to use Prizee as another presentation slide rather than only Power Point.
Learn to sing at least 2 Korean song!!

Yeah, I think that's all for now. Might update this post with more goals!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Incentive-based employee, I am.

Realized myself will get motivated easily with only one encouraging word.

Get team treats from lecturer which made my day! <3

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