Monday, December 31, 2012

How to make ✿ Flower Kimbap ✿

I had studied at Solbridge, International School of Business , Daejeon in the last spring. Lotsa awesome and adorable things happened everyday, you will never regret of being student exchange even you have to extend your graduation, one thing that I never regret that I did in 2012.

Yosh thus here the last post in 2012.

How to make F.l.o.w.e.r K.i.m.b.a.p. <3

Had this chance with my whatever-kaki Ms Neo to have cooking class for free! :)

Place : Solgeo Dormitory Second Floor Canteen
Timeline : Spring 2012

Can you see how adorable this school was. 

#1 Ingredients & Apparatus were prepared. Spot the ribbon on the container? Cuteee!

#2 The Chief with our Solgeo Ceo as translator.

#3 The ingredients of flower kimbap : rice, (roasted seaweed, crab stick, cucumber, carrot, yellow pickled radish ) <-- in stick shape.

#4 Roll each of the yellow items above with seaweed. Ohh with some rice too. Sorry photo was not taken during that time. Busy rolling :P

#5 Next place the rice on a seaweed, flatten it then flip it over a bamboo mat.

#6 After that place your yellow items above the seaweed.

#7 Then place the rest of cucumber(without wrapped) at the middle of each stick.

#8 Then roll it ! Tada! Kimbap with the rice at outside, flower inside. 

#9 Tada! Flower Kimbap is ready! (RHS) Easy right! Yummy too!!

#10 One of the best things I learned in 2012.


Now only I realised the ways to explain and write a recipe is not easy. T.T Please pardon my first recipe write up(not really a recipe :P).

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