Saturday, December 15, 2012

Being in LDR isn't that easy.

When a girl faced difficulty , she will call up her boyfriend and ask him to help.

The boyfriend will rush to her & solve her problem.

When I faced difficulty, I will call up my boyfriend and ask what should I do.

My boyfriend will give me mentally support & I will figure out myself.

Almost 4 years, am tired, seriously. Being in relationship but seems like living alone.

I envy,

when a girl craving for food she can tell, dear can you bring me for burger today.

I envy,

when a girl wanted to share her happiness or sadness, she can tell, dear can I see you now.

I envy,

when a girl have conflict with the nerdy, she can just talk to him face to face, at least they have fight face to face.

but I,

I only could have fight through phone, text.

I couldn't tell dear I want to see you now.

I couldn't tell dear please bring me for curry mee today.

Please tell me am really tough enough to go through it these days.


  1. Jia you a Joo, don give up easily... losing someone u love is the worst thing that can ever happen to u... no matter how, try yr best to keep it and don regret in the future.


  2. Joo, I did enjoy my LDR with him. <3
    Please remember that you are not alone.
    You still have your parents, him, friends, and xoxo's member.
    We will always be with u.

    1. 小别胜新婚! This made my day! :D Jia you together! :)


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