Friday, February 3, 2012

Save Our Sharks From A Bowl of Soup

Hellow, yeah the sharks bring me back to my blog world. I might not has the power to change the world at least I will let you know this crisis is happening! If you ever have the chance to select the dishes for your dinner. Please DO NOT pick Shark Fin Soup. Let me tell you 3 facts why should we save Sharks.

Before that, here is the first video that I watched one year ago and get to know where the so-called wealthy dishes came from.

Whale Shark Got Its Fins Cut Off.

Sharks are caught and their fins are cut off while they are still alive, bodies without fins are thrown back into the sea, so they sink and drown. Meanwhile their fins are in your bowl of soup.

Many of you would think " I have no obligation to increase the awareness, what for? As long as I didn't kill and eat shark fins soup, yeah there is nothing to do with me." Now, let me tell you the first reason, why you need to do something and help in increasing the awareness.

1) Sharks, the predator play an important role in the marine ecosystem. 

Let me explain what is the matter in simple way via my drawings.

a) When the sharks becoming extinct,
b) Fish population will increase uncontrollably,
c) Phytoplankton, single cell plant the main producer of OXYGEN on the earth will decrease rapidly, 

Marine plants produce between 70 & 80 percent 
of the oxygen in the atmosphere. 
Yeah, you can Google it and found it from this site as well. 

d) Instantly, OXYGEN supplied will decrease,
e) And human are dead, in simple way. Yes, you got me right. 

In a simple equation it would be, when shark is dead , so do human. 

 2) Shark Fins are TOXIC and have no nutrition at all. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the World Health Organization claimed shark fins contain high level of mercury. Mercury poisoning can cause damaged to your brain, kidney and lungs. If so, why would the people especially Chinese poison themselves? All is because of SUPERSTITIOUS belief! Shark fin was known as a symbol of wealth, and the people don't even care if the dish has no taste or harm their body.

Feed yourself with mercury, isn't it ridiculous? 

3)We,human are NOT on shark's menu.

Since we were young, I bet everyone were thought that the SHARK is monster, because in our imaginations they bite and eat human. In fact, 90 or more of sharks incident are mistakes!-Gary Adkison,diver. Why do the sharks attack us? Shark's confusion and mistakes happened majority among surfers or people riding boogie boards. A shark swimming below sees the victims as a sea lion or a sea turtle, hence they attack.

Sharks kill fewer than 4 humans on average each year, while humans kill an estimated 100 million sharks annually.

It is 4 vs 100,000,000. 
Simple math speaks the word.


Put your feet in others shoes. 
( I know sharks don't have shoes by the way) 

From Yao Ming, say "no" to shark fins soup.

Pick Shark Fin Crisis as one of your presentation topic. You can impress your lecturer as well as increasing their awareness. 

Take your action before it's too late!

More reasons why we need to save the sharks, you may want to click on sharkangels and Save Our Sharks From A Bowl Of Soup

Thank you. :)


  1. ur drawing is so cute n nice~

  2. hahahhaha LOL lawak lukisan joo.


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