Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Yogyakarta Day 1

So sorry I have abandoned this blog for so long!

Last two months I was decided to take up my backpack and go! Since I have to clear my leaves. After check all the flights tix and destination, asking for travel kaki, unmatched timing unmatched destination, lastly YOGYAKARTA! alone.

Call up Gin & Rizka, friends that I have met during Korea Student Exchange, and getting so excited to visit the place.

See, for the very first time I do not have to arrange my itinerary and check out the map. #feelingblessed

Day 1

#1 My first picture on the trip. This is the view of 5 minutes before the plane was landing.

Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport (JOG) is located at the middle of the city, its not spacious and located like isolated area ie LCCT to KL town takes 1 hour drive. So its very convenience to get to the town and the nearest famous spot you can go is Prambanan Temple.

#2 "Prambanan’s status as one of the most extraordinary pieces of South East Asian religious architecture was recognised by a UNESCO in 1991 when it named this complex a World Heritage Site. "   from


#3 Rizka & I. That day was considered a good day because it was weekday, not too much tourist & the weather was just nice to explore around!

Originally it were 204 temples a the surrounding, but major of it has devastated. And from the picture you can see the temples that did not survived were just placed around.

#4 It was located in big park and the Hindu temple was at the middle of it.

#5 Us! 

#6 Was putting on safety helmet cus the temple was destroyed in 2006 Java Earthquake, and even now its reopened for tourist, safety always come first.

#7 I believe Yogya Prambanan Temple & Borobudur are not losing to Angkor Wat in Cambodia in term of its architectural and historical. :) I was getting impressed again and again throughout the trip.

#8 Photo from Gin, always heart his photoshooting. :)

#9 Architecture buildings are always impressive isn't it? It proved and showed us what it was before we were born, reminding us the world changed rapidly and what we are today.

#10 One of my favourite photos. I have the best tourguides in the town!

Felt so thankful for their hospitality and Rizka accommodated me at her house! Much much more comfortable than staying in hotel. :DD

#11 Oh before I forget it also has deer park in the temple complex. The doe.

#12 And the buck. 

#13 Looked like Santa's deer isn't it? Merry Christmas to those who are reading it on xmas day!#hohoho

#14 Its dinner time! At The House of Raminten.

#15 Rizka & Gin bought me to this famous restaurant in Yogya to try out the local delicacy. It was fulled on that night and this was all the customers in the waiting list. I like the way they put their customer relaxing while waiting.

#16 The philosophy from the founder, "Hidup adalah bekerja." Agree? :D

#17 The ambience of the restaurant was really good, it is a good place to relax and enjoy the local foods.

#18 The waitress and waiter were in traditional dress to serve.

#19 My nasi goreng ops i forget its name. 

#20 Rizka's

#21 Tried to capture the whole, this is the best I could get due to tiredness and jet lack of 1 hour. #excuseforpoorphoto :P 

Review of The House of Raminten from

If you are looking for a trip to live like local, try this restaurant!

#22 My favourite drink of the day! #Lunch #BananaJuice! Yummyyyyyyyyy

#23 Oh ya my lunch of the day. Actually Indonesian foods has not much difference from Malaysian, but some of it is real unique which I will story more on next post! 

Stay tuned! 

♥ Thanks to everyone that let me know my blog post is helping and that really encourage me to blog more. Hope it helps in your next trip. Have fun!!

Merry Christmas to whom are celebrating, good night! xoxo

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