Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bangkok with ♥ Part 1

Was travelling to Bangkok & Hatyai with JAM & BFs last month. Heee ♥ This was the 2nd time I went to Thailand after Puket. Bangkok & Hatyai are real exciting places if you are passionate in SHOPPINGGG! :D
For sure will be back for food & shopping again :p


1 ✿ Exciting love birds were waiting for boarding @LCCT 

2 ✿ We reached BKK at peak hour and it was a terrible traffic jam. Anyhow it was not so annoyed because we were in superb happy mood :DD 
We get the taxi with coupon 450 baht to Khao San, luckily we did not took meter cab or else our money for shopping would have gone in this traffic.

3 ✿ After checked in into KS Guesthouse.  This was the first food that we bought at Khao San Road. Yummy Yummy pork rib & chicken wings #swallowing saliva

4 ✿ Sotong Bakar! & also the spicy meat (beef?pork? Im not sure) HAHHA

5 ✿ Mr Liaw & I waiting for our pork rib & chicken wingsss

6 ✿ Favorite Coconut Ice Cream! MK was holding the coconut drink while KM was holding the ice cream. Yum Yum ice cream matched with the coconut drink #Thumbs! 

7 ✿ 

8 ✿ Moon bought this sticky mango rice. Another must try!!

9 ✿ Super cute & innovative stop for a drink :D

10 ✿ Bistro & Pub along the street. :D

11 ✿ We had a drink here before off.


1 ✿ Our small portion breakfast! We were always wondering did the Thailand people always eat small portion food or we Malaysian get used to a bigger portion already? 

2 ✿ After Ally arrived with the bf we visited Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall. which use the technology to stories the centuries of the city. It was nice for education & historical telling with advanced technology. If you have free time you may visit here :D

3 ✿ There were many halls with different theme and this one is with the 'Paddy' theme.

4 ✿ Opss Who were out at Thaild Magazine! Can u spot them? #shyy

5 ✿ We took our portrait & were told to wait for the surprise :D

6 ✿ See who is this!! Cute or not! Heee Photo taken & were film into a video. If have chance I will show u the video, how adorable is this idea! <3 

7 ✿ Ally the chef! 

8 ✿ MK buying somtam with LYY ! LMAO

9 ✿ Temples seeing from the exhibition hall.

10 ✿ Later part we went to Yaowaraj the Chinatown. And before our dinner we went to the BKK train station to look for train tix to Hatyai. 

11 ✿ Cheap & Delicious Seafood at Chinatown! Tomyam & Big Prawn <3

12 ✿ My all time favorite fresh juice! Can anyone tell me what is the name of the fruit in English? 
Selling 40-50 baht per bottle.

13 ✿ Us! Never stop buying food :P 

And lastly we took crazy Tuk Tuk back to Khao San for another jalan jalan. Sorry for no photos of Tuk Tuk heeeh. :) 

Okay, gotta sleep now, will try to update soon. Good night!! =3


  1. faster faster faster... I WANT PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =p


  2. the fruit called pomegranate !!


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