Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Red Blouse

Sometimes when I nap, before I sleep, after I woke up, my mind wasn't on rest. The main stuff thinking was clothing. AHAH! What kind of skirt would match this blouse, t shirt match high waist jeans looks pretty good, white flat cover shoes looks great  hmmmmmmm.

My hand tailoring skill is not good, but still can sew shirt with hole. The tailoring cell mainly comes from my mum. I believe some of you have grandma-made-blanket right? ya, I have that kind of blanket too. That made up this crazy mind.

My friends always said I spent money on ready shirt but I will cut it again if I found out it doesn't fit me well. What a waste right? I know I know I just cannot control sometimes the ready shirt just doesn't make me looks good. "Then buy another one lah" The materials is good. #speechless What to do. Better to cut it because I will wear it more often. Heeee ;)

I always looking for design that only exist in my mind. If self tailoring problem will be solved.

I always want a sewing machine. This is another reason why.

Poor hand tailoring skill. And also wrong measurement failed my product. :( But still I like my design XD.

Will get myself a sewing machine one day. Life is great. yay! ♥

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