Sunday, June 10, 2012

Korean Top Foods !

Have been in South Korea for 3months & discovered nice foodsss. AHAH This post is dedicated to Tan Sew Hwa, a bff that coming to South Korea very soon & was worrying she cannot get use to the foods. Okay, let me show you what we have here :)

1. 순두부찌게 Soondubu Jjigae (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew) (4,000 won)

Left hand side was Soondubu Jjigae with Ham & Right Hand Side was Soondubu Jjigae with Cheese! For cheese lover, oh please try this! I'm not a toufu lover but I like this! #heartmax

떡볶이 Tteokbokki (2,000 won)

Made from Gochujang (hot pepper paste) , sliced rice cake, boiled egg, fish cakes etc.
 You can find Tteokbokki at the street or most of the restaurant you been. But I would suggest try the one on the street ! It's cheaper & taste better. Pick the one that most people visited :P

This is self cooked Tteokbokki by me & Chen Fung.  #swallowing saliva

3. 비빔밥 Bibimbap (Mixed rice) (3,000 won)

Made from fried egg, seaweed, vege, meat & most importantly 

Gojuchang (hot pepper paste). 

This is our self cooked bibimbap which I think was the best bibimbap I ever tried. :P Because we were putting in whatever we like.

This is bibimbap stew. Usually we will ask for bibimbap when we do not know what to order & wanted to eat something full.

4. 랭면 NaengMyeon (Cold Noodle) (4,000 won)

Yeah as the food name interpret literally, it is cold! Which I don't really like this dish but I think you should try! AHAH

This was the first NaengMyeon I tried at MeongDong. It's green noodle!

This was the 2nd NaengMyeon I tried at DongDaeMun. Spot the bowl of soup (errr with ice inside) ? This version was meant to eat with the soup (rather than soup I would say is cold & sweet paste, because soup was meant to be hot one for me). There were many version of NaengMyeon, it depends on which one you prefer, but for sure it is Cold !

5. 삼겹살 Samgyeopsal (Pork BBQ) (For buffet, 10,000 won)

Usually we ate Samgyeopsal at buffet restaurant ( EAT ALL YOU CAN) & 10,000 won per pax. In such restaurant there were fruits, Tteokbokki, soup, rice, ice cream & many dishes more! Usually we wrapped the ready pork with Lettuce (the vege that we normally ate in Salad), putting the spicy saurce Ssamjang. And yummmmmmmmmm

If it is not that expensive I will go there every week T^T. 

Ohh, there was a fragrant spray at the cashier which I would remind you to spray it on before you leave. Okay even though you sprayed, you will still be smelly. #pinching nose# But the pork just worth it! :D

6. 닭갈비 Dakgalbi (15,000 won for two pax)

Marinated chicken & stir fried in a hot pan with cabbage, hot pepper sauce & rice cake. If you do realize, Korean eat the way the raw foods served & you make it your own with ingredients provided. But most of the time, the waiter will do it for you. 

And the half way you can order rice with seaweed, Gim 김 toppings to mix with the Dakgalbi & it taste good!

7. 만두 Mandu (Dumpling) (3,000 won)

This Korean Mandu served with dipping sauce of vinegar & soy sauce. Ingredient : miced meat & vege.

This picture was the steamed Mandu which I tried at MyeongDong. There is fried & boiled Mandu as well. Hmm Mandu isn't that special for me, as we have dumplings in Malaysia also. But fried Mandu taste good. (yeah I like whatever fried fried fried)

8. 김밥 Kimbap (Price range from 1,000 won to 3,000 won)

We happened to call Kimbap as Sushi but it was different. 

At least Kimbap does not serve with Wasabi. Yeah so do not call Kimbap as Sushi. 
Korean rice, meat (depends) & cucumber rolled in seaweed, Kim . There were many kind of Kimbap 
ie Tuna Kimbap, Vege Kimbap, Bulgogi Kimbap (Beef).

Okay, this two picha were our self cooked Kimbap where above was the normal Kimbap with Pork & crab meat. (If you can spot the Kimbap rather than my face). 

And below was the flower Kimbap which we learned during the cooking class. It was special because it is the rice wrapped the seaweed, Kim. #satisfaction

If you are going to back pack in Korea, having rush time or having budget constraint, grab a kimbap cost 1,000 won at GS 25. It taste good as well!

9. 당면 Dang Myeon (Cellophane Noodles a.k.a Crystal/Glass Noddles)

Okay for this I'm not talking about the dish itself but the ingredient, Dang Myeon.It is the Korean glass noddles like we have TangHoon in Malaysia but this one is more "rubbery" (AHAH what is the correct term #poker face)

The above dish was served with chicken & below was with seafood. Both taste great !

10. 삼계탕 Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) (12,000 won ehh one pot? I forgot)

Another must try meal! The chicken was boiled with rice inside & ginseng soup. If you ask me I would say the chicken tasted like the steamed chicken rice in Malaysia. But is special with ginseng soup.

And lastly the side dishes!반찬 Banchan.
 Korean side dishes was free of charge & refillable! Type of side dishes varies depends on restaurant. But mainly they have Kimchi, fish cake, sprouts, radish, cucumber & salad.

Yay, after all, get yourself a red bean ice cream ! 

It cost 2,000 won but we manage to get discounted at K Mart for 800 won. :D

There are many more I have not try, but guess that's till now. Good luck! Kay bye! <3

**price may vary in different locations


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